Admission Policy



Admission to Reception

The first requirement for admission is to complete and submit an application form. Application forms can be obtained at the school’s finance office and on the website at a small fee.

The waiting list to enter Ridge School is very long. We therefore advise that parents register their children at birth. Even then, entry may not be assured.
Applications are prioritized according to the following criteria:

  1. Children of debenture holders (this reflects the origins of the school and is specified in its Constitution – see section on History of the School)
  2. Being a younger brother or sister of current pupils, to enable families to be together.

If your application is successful, in the year that your child turns 4(years),  you will be notified by a phone call and required to state whether you intend to remain on the waiting list for the upcoming academic year. Please make sure that all contact information on your application is correct or updated at the school should any changes occur after you submit your form.

Each child is given an entry test before being considered. Competence in English Language is a pre-requisite and no child gains entry without being able to communicate in basic English. Each child is also given a ‘readiness for learning’ assessment when being considered for entry into the Reception class. Only children who have already turned four years of age are considered for Reception. There is only one in-take per year in September. Even if your child turns four during the school year, he/she must wait until the following September to be considered for entry.

Admission to other classes in the Primary section

Admission to other classes in the Primary section depends on:
i)  available place(s) in the relevant class.
ii) if  the child has previously attended Ridge School but for some reason has been absent.

Admission to the JHS Section

Ridge School JHS now has double stream per year. Our Primary 6 pupils are given admission to the BS 7 (JHS 1) class. Admission of other pupils to the JHS section depends on available places in BS 7 (JHS 1) and BS 8 (JHS 2) only.

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