Ridge School Curriculum

Essentially,  the school follows the broad-spectrum curriculum and syllabi of the Ghana Education Service at Primary and Junior High School levels.  However, we seek to introduce international dimensions to this whenever possible. Our Senior High School on the other hand follows both the Cambridge curriculum and the GES curriculum for senior high schools to cater for the different study choices at that level.

We believe that the education of all pupils must prepare them to adjust to change, cope with uncertainty and to see difficulties and challenges as opportunities.  We therefore regard the curriculum as much more than simply teaching information.   It should give confidence, competence and capability within a fair system based on respect for individuals and personal responsibility for actions and attitudes.

We are living in a multi-ethnic society and so we believe that children should be made aware of the religious, racial and cultural diversity that surrounds them in life, and to be tolerant of others.

Children with special needs will be provided for within the school community and given the support they require within the school resources available.

The school aims to develop a good relationship with parents and therefore seek their help and co-operation in the education of their children,  thus creating a partnership in striving for the children’s happiness and progress.

The staff,  through awareness of each child’s needs, aim to create an atmosphere which encourages self-discipline and control.  Through their example, care and concern for people and for the environment is nurtured in all pupils –  thus working together towards the school’s aim to help children to become aware of their role in the school and the wider community.

Subjects taught

Sex Education

The school provides some level of sex education for all children. Different approaches are used to meet the needs of the different age groups. This is in support of parents as the prime educators of

Religious Education

The school’s religious education programme is aimed at the development of moral and spiritual values.The subject aims to develop in each child : A sense

Children With Special Needs

A dedicated team comprised of the headteachers, teachers, and learning support assistants, identify children with special learning needs. These children are given extra help within


We believe parents have a lot to contribute to the success of their children’s education. The education of your child depends upon the co-operation developed


Children at Ridge School are assessed in the following ways: Through a test on entering the school Through weekly/bi-weekly class tests. Through their homework and