Student Life

School Functions

All year round, the Ridge School seeks to create opportunities to involve parents, guardians, alumni and friends of the school in its activities through school functions like:

  • Christmas Concert
  • Family Night
  • Speech & Prize Giving Day/ Graduation
  • Music Night
  • Annual Games/Sports Day

During such functions, our students treat parents and guests to a wide variety of performances. That is, with the exception of Family Night which is strictly a fundraising and family hangout event organised by the PTA.

You can check out our academic calendar to know the schedule for all school functions each year.

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Physical Education and Sports

Our Physical Education (P.E.) sessions, handled by competent facilitators/coaches are tailored to help our children to stay fit and train them in good sportsmanship and to be good team players. These are compulsory at all levels. Our sports/P.E. sessions train students in:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • General fitness exercises
  • Volleyball
  • Table tennis
  • Handball
  • Track & Field sports

Each year these training sessions/lessons are climaxed at our Games and Sports Days (held separately in the first and second terms) , where students compete in various games and sports activities according to their classes or houses (Osei Tutu, Korsah, Kofi Annan, Anokye).

After School Clubs

At the Ridge School, we do not only emphasise on academic excellence. As part of our school culture, we organise After School Club activities designed to create an avenue for children to develop their unique interests, build stronger relationships, try out new ideas , sharpen their communication skills and broaden their horizon beyond the confines of the classroom.

Each club with the help of a teacher as a patron or instructor seeks to uphold the School’s values of excellence, humility and service.

In addition to the below, Music lessons and Dance lessons are compulsory for each class. There are also other activities like Ballet lessons, Cadet (at the Junior & Senior High School levels) and Choir. 

Each school year, children get to choose which of the following clubs to belong to:


  • Reading & Spelling
  • News & Debate
  • Cookery Club
  • French Club
  • Maths Club
  • Science Club
  • Arts Club
  • Karate
  • St. Johns Ambulance
  • Girls’ Guide
  • Drama/Dance Club
  • Photography Club
  • STEM (at the SHS level)

School Trips

At the Ridge School, we try to make learning an adventure for our pupils and students by inculcating into our curriculum, field trips/excursions which are designed to make purposeful connections between classroom lessons and the community or world outside the classroom. This approach, we believe help children to be more open-minded and compel them to reflect on their existing knowledge  and be able to apply directly the abstract and theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom to real world situations.

All field trips are embarked on in the company of a teacher or a group of teachers. Safe transportation arrangements are made for all such trips at a cost to the school or sometimes to parents. Where cost of trips, are to be borne by parents, such will be duly communicated.

Parental consent is also sought for all trips through notices to parents.

Student Leadership

To cultivate in our children a sense of responsibility, service and good leadership skills, the Ridge school provides opportunities for children to serve in various leadership roles right from their classrooms, their houses, the various groups or clubs they belong to and in the school community/ level they find themselves in.