General Information

Parents are strongly encouraged to read all circulars sent to them through the children.


School Website and Facebook 

We encourage parents and guardians to visit these sites on the internet for regular updates of school activities/programmes.

School terms and holidays

The school will provide all parents with a handout showing the school’s programme for the year at the beginning of the academic year.

The school respects all national holidays that are announced. If it is unclear either whether or when a national holiday will be observed, parents should please listen to the national news through the media and act accordingly.


Requesting Leave

Requesting for leave during  the term is granted at the discretion of the head teachers.  The request should be made in advance, in writing, by the parent or guardian of the child.

Home School Partnership

The school day starts at 8.00 am and ends at 1:30 pm(Primary), 2:50pm(JHS) and 3:00pm (SHS).   The teachers and children are expected to be ready to start work on time. We do want to see parents as often as possible but it helps immensely if they can see the teachers after 1.30 pm /or before 8.00 am. It is also easier if parents make an appointment, but we do understand if that is not always possible.

If any problems arise and a parent is worried about their child’s progress or behaviour or health, the headteachers will always be willing to discuss such issues with them. It helps the school to know of any changes at home which may be disturbing the child.

 We hope parents will never feel that any problem is too small for them to consult us about.   Our aim is to help each child become a happy member of the school community so that a friendly relationship will exist between school and parents of The Ridge School.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Once a term, a Parent/Teacher Interview Day is held to offer a chance for parents and teachers to meet one-on-one to discuss each individual child’s progress, and for parents to see the work their children have been doing in the school setting.

The interviews take place between 1.30pm and 5pm usually just before the mid-term break in the Primary section.  For the JHS and SHS sections, they normally take place after the mid-term break between 3pm and 5pm and parents are notified of the date.   The school regards this as a very important opportunity  for home/school liaison and want all parents to attend these interviews in person whenever possible.

Meeting New Parents

At the beginning of each academic year, the school organizes a meeting for parents of new pupils to provide an opportunity for the teachers and parents to discuss the culture and traditions of the Ridge School.  It is also a time for parents to ask questions, and for all to discuss ideas and expectations.

Parent Teacher Association

All parents and teachers are members of the School’s PTA. The Association aims to encourage parental involvement and support for the school and also raise funds for special projects.

A  P.T.A. committee with 12 executive members (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and  Nine(9) other Representatives) is elected at the end of every two years at a general meeting held at the end of the year.  All parents are always welcome to offer help and new ideas.

Executive Members

Mr. Kwame O. Attrams


Mrs. Judith Ansong


Mr. Emmanuel K. Sarpong


Mr. Michael O. Danquah

Primary Parents' Rep.

Mrs. Linda Ofori Kuffour

SHS Parents' Rep.

Mr. Lucas Adyei-Barfi

Teachers' Rep (Primary)

Mr. Evans Osei Owusu

Teachers' Rep (JHS)

Mr. Adriana Bulber

Teachers' Rep (SHS)

Mr. Gabriel Pipim

Headmaster (JHS)

Mrs. M. OKraku-Ansah

HeadMistress (SHS)

Mrs L. Philips