The school rules have evolved over the 50 years plus existence of the school and are aimed at creating a happy school where the children feel secure, grow in confidence and develop self-discipline.   We appreciate parental help in maintaining a school where the children start to develop a sense of communal responsibility.

All rules have been made in order to contribute to the smooth running of a school where the atmosphere and organization promotes good learning habits, limits time wasting and encourages a responsible and caring attitude. Following are some of the rules, and the reasons for them.

1. The School Grounds
We aim to teach the children to treat their environment with respect. We ask parents to actively support this and ensure that amongst other things our children:

2.     Toys, games, mobile phones,  etc.
Teachers waste valuable time sorting out quarrels over toys brought from home which tend to change hands, get broken, lost etc. Parents are asked not to let their children bring anything to school unless it is requested by the teacher for an educational purpose. Mobile phones  will be taken away and kept until end of term.

3.  Clothing and Jewellery

Parents are asked to support the school uniform policy and not allow their children to wear clothing that is not part of the uniform.  Jewellery must not be worn to school as it can present safety hazards to the wearers and others, especially when taking physical activities. Children with pierced ears may wear simple studs only on the understanding that it is at the parent’s risk. Teachers cannot take responsibility for removing any articles of jewellery.

4.  Hair care

All children should keep their hair neat and tidy.  Long hair should be tied back so that it does not interfere with studies.

5. Money

Normally,  the only money needed in school is to pay for snacks, outings, books and extra classes.  All monies should be sent in a marked envelope. We cannot be responsible for money lost in the school which has not been sent for a specific purpose.

6. Birthdays
We remember everyone’s birthday in the weekly assembly. The teachers are willing to organise a brief birthday celebration for a child with their classmates, but we ask parents to keep this very simple – e.g. a cake and a drink only.

7. Library Books

Children visit the library twice a week and may go there during break time if they wish. Parents may also borrow books to read to/with their children. The children are taught to keep the books in a polythene bag and protect them as much as possible.
Parents should make sure that all school books are handled with great care at home and returned to school on time.   Books that are lost, or returned damaged, are subject to a fine that will enable the school to replace the particular book lost.

8. No Smoking Policy

We have a no smoking policy. All parents and visitors are asked to co-operate by not smoking inside the school buildings or anywhere in the school grounds.

9. Discipline

We seek to create a respectful and disciplined atmosphere in the school and we believe that everyone can contribute to this – teachers, children and parents. Each of us expecting and exercising a high level of discipline is the best way of achieving it.  In addition, a system of rewards and punishments is used by the teachers to teach children how to behave in a way that is respectful of others and which will serve them well in later life.

Ridge School does not use corporal punishment, as we believe that violence begets violence. However, we believe strongly in firmness and making sure that children know what is expected of them.  Unruly behaviour is not tolerated and is dealt with sternly. Children who repeatedly misbehave may be expelled from school.

10. Suspension policy

A child is suspended for two main reasons:-

When a child is suspended, the parents will be notified immediately and the child sent home with a letter explaining the reason.   Suspension is normally for a few days, depending on the situation.